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Utah County September 2016 Home Sales Report & Monthly Trivia-Win a $25 Gift Card

Home sales for Utah County for the month of September jumped to a whopping 3,957.  The average home sold was 2,181 square feet. The average home sold price range dropped back to around $250,000.  Correctly priced homes are still selling extremely quickly!    Curious about your home's value?  Click here for a free evaluation.


Answer this month's trivia for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Applebees!  Call or text me at 801-361-4860.


October Trivia:  Who said:  'I'm the president of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli!" ?

A.  Ronald Reagan

B.  Bill Clinton

C.  George Bush Sr.

D.  Jimmy Carter

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Watch this month's video on how hiring me may save you from having to move a refrigerator!

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The Real Estate Question Corner - Why should I use a REALTOR to sell my home?




I often hear that people would rather sell their home by owner and save the "commission" for themselves.  That is a perfectly valid reason to sell your home yourself and I respect that choice.  What if I can sell your home for more money than a seller can on their own?  Would it be worth it for you to visit with me?  What if I could sell your home in 29 days or less or I'd waive my professional fee?  Would that convince you to at least visit with me?  

I recently sold a home for couple in Elk Ridge.  They were trying it on their own for a while.  They decided to hire me and I marketed the home for more than they were asking and had it under contract in under a month.  They made more money using me than if they had continued on their own.  In addition, after they signed to close on the home in the morning they had to leave the country for work.  Meanwhile, the buyer was doing their final walk through on the home and found that  the furnace was no longer working and the seller had mistakenly taken the refrigerator.  As the seller's advocate, I got a heating professional over to the home in 30 minutes and got the issue fixed.  Then I took my boy and unloaded my clients storage unit and got the refrigerator and delivered it to the buyer.  My sellers couldn't do any of this because they were no longer in the state.  The best compliment I got from my seller client was, "I'm sure glad we have you on our side."  The buyer later told me, "I had been a real stand up guy."  The point of the story is, when you hire me,  I'm your advocate in all phases of the selling process.  I want both the seller and the buyer to be happy.  I'm going to do everything in my power to help your buying or selling process go quickly and as smoothly as possible.  I'd love to be your advocate.

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking of selling please let me know.  I'd love to visit with you in a no pressure, no obligation consultation.  If I can't show you how I can sell your home for more money than you can by selling it yourself, I'll back away with no hurt feelings and only wish you the best of luck.  I'm so confident in my services that I guarantee to sell your home in 29 days or less or I'll waive my commission.   If you are curious about your home's value, feel free to call me and we can discuss it (801-361-4860) or you can go to my website at for a free market analysis.

The Mortgage Corner - Frequently asked questions about Mortgages.

Don't need to refinance...but need to buy?  Get a free home warranty when you use Scott Walters as your Real Estate Agent and Mava or Valorie Walters of  Superior Lending as the lender.


Frequently Asked Questions:  Should I refinance to a 20 or 15 year loan.


Let me answer this question with a recent example of Valorie and Mava helping one of our past buying clients.

Valorie and Mava, of Superior Lending, helped one of my buying clients with the purchase loan on their new home 2 years ago.  This past month they were able to refinance them to a 20 year loan which is saving them 8 years of payments.  The best part is their payment went down, not up.  If you'd like to see if a refinance would be worth it to you, feel free to reach out to Valorie at 801-369-2029.




Valorie Walters - NMLS #308828

Superior Lending


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